We understand the nature of addiction as a disease from the perspective of 45 years of education and experience working with alcoholics and individuals addicted to other substances and addictive behaviors.

More important than understanding the addictive process, we understand what is required to establish and maintain Solid, Lasting Recovery... and Prevention of Relapse.



Solution-Based, Comprehensive,
Private Mental Healthcare

Established 1980


"He gave me the courage and the hope I desperately needed to make changes in my life so that I can live a happy and fulfilled life."


Addiction, Recovery and Relapse are all elements of a continuum which are understandable and manageable… and related to each other in a coherent manner.  Each of these elements have predictable components which can be addressed individually or viewed as a related whole. Each of these components has common, predictable characteristics, and each changes and progresses in ways that can be understood and manipulated to the client’s benefit.

Since our initial formal training in chemical dependency, which occurred in the mid-70s, our work has expanded beyond a more restricted focus on alcohol to include the broadest possible range of addictive disorders, including drugs and addictive and debilitating compulsive behaviors.  Over this period we’ve grown in our understanding of what makes addictions what they are, how they begin, how they progress, and how they increasingly disrupt the lives of both the afflicted individual and everyone close to them.

Once seen in strictly moral and behavioral terms, addictions and all the negative consequences associated with them are now understood in a much broader context, which includes biology/genetics, neurology, biochemistry, psychology, culture and family history. It’s safe to say that, with increased research and expanded technology, we’re finally achieving a much fuller and more precise understanding of addictive disease.  It appears that we now really “get it.”

More important, though, is that we at Harbor Counseling Associates understand Recovery… how it is established, how it is crafted to meet the specific needs of the individual, and how it is incorporated in such a way as to minimize the chance of Relapse.

We try to understand our clients from a multitude of perspectives and create treatment plans based on solid, reliable models which are applied in a manner that fits the client’s personality, level of understanding, values, and prior treatment history.

This individualized approach is central to all the work we do at Harbor Counseling, whether with addictions, marital/family problems, childhood development issues, workplace stress, or any of the many other problem situations which we encounter here on a daily basis.

We’ve made the bold statement that WE GET PEOPLE SOBER…

We believe, as well, that WE KEEP PEOPLE SOBER!